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cape york tours office in cairns

Our company has been operating since 2005 and we aim to give you the ULTIMATE Cape York tour experience!

Our friendly reservations staff are passionate about "The Cape" area and are probably the most knowledgeable people in Australia when it comes to Cape York Tours as they have visited "The Tip" on several occasions (as you can see in the photos below showing us all at "The Tip").
Whether you have a question on - do the tours have tents that are high enough to stand up in, how long is the ferry crossing on the Jardine River, is there a toilet at the Fruit Bat Falls waterhole, are the shops open on Thursday Island on Sundays and how many seats does the plane have that fly's between Cairns and Cape York. Our reservations staff will be able to answer these and more to make sure you have the best trip you have ever been on!

Leading up to your Cape York tour from Cairns the reservations staff will answer you emails and telephone enquiries within 48 hours giving you professional service that will arm you will all the knowledge you need to make a Cape York tour happen. Don't be afraid of asking any question as were happy to spend all the time with you that you need to make sure you are 100% happy before booking your tours with us.

Prior to arriving in Cairns we are happy to give you our local help booking some before and after Cape York tour accommodation here in Cairns as we have access to some great value for money places. As some of you will be driving to Cairns we can also help you store your car and caravan if need be whilst you are on tour.

Our Cape York tours office is based in the "Traveltown" complex which is in Lake Street in Cairns City Centre. We welcome Cape York travellers dropping into our office which is open 6 days a week to discuss any last minute issues, show us your after "Tip" trip photos, tell us your travel tales or just to say hello!

Overall we are here to help ensure you have an AMAZING trip to "The Tip" and were happy to help with any of your needs, just ask us!


birgit - cape york tours
Bridget - Senior Reservation Consultant, has travelled extensively in the Cape York area. Birgit and her husband spent many weeks camping around "The Tip", if you have any questions on Cape York then Birgit is the lady who knows it all!.


mel - cape york tours from cairns
Mel - Senior Reservations Consultant with many years experience in the Cape York & Cairns areas. The last trip Mel took to Cape York she was escorted by her mum, both the girls has a lovely time.


andrew - cairns to cape york tours
Andrew - Is yet again another Senior Reservations Consultant you may encounter. Andrew has travelled to Cape York several times which gives him a wealth of knowledge when answering all your reservations enquiries. If you would like to know where the most likely place is that you will see (or hear) a crocodile in the wild, then just ask Andrew!