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Should I Camp or take a Motel tour to Cape York?

Blog posted by: Admin on 04 Jan 2015

Should we take a Camping or Motel type of 4wd tour from Cairns to Cape York.

We often get questions like this: "We are in our early 60's but still working and relatively fit - would a motel style Cape York tour suit us or could we cope with a camping tour to Cape York"?


Below is an example of the response we send to travellers asking this type of question.


Hi Pam,


Thanks very much for your email and I'm sure you will have an AMAZING time on your Cairns to Cape York 4wd tour!


Pam you fit right in the middle of the average age group that goes on these 4wd tours.

I think you will be fine either way but I will outline some differences between the two options below for you.


Some people prefer camping as its more economical compared to the cost of the motel style accommodation.

They also like the atmosphere of campfire cooked meals on the tours.

In the tents you can hire stretcher beds so it’s a little more comfortable at night and feels close to a real bed, this also gives you extra room under the bed to store your luggage so your tent is not so crowded.


The motel accommodation in Cape York does give you a real bed to sleep in and most of the rooms have ensuite which saves you walking to the toilet blocks if you were camping.

The meals are normally in the roadhouses and restaurants and cafes along the way and not cooked around the campfire atmosphere.

Some people just don’t like camping so we always say to them go the motel accommodation whereas if you have camped before or caravanned before then I think you will be fine with the camping side of things and you can save some money by camping.


In regards to the places of interest between Cairns and Cape York and the tour sites, you will see exactly the same places no matter if you camp or take the motel accommodation.


There are also 3 different camping tours departing around your dates starting at $2,395.00 per person and you can see those here:

see all tours


If you like Pam, have a think about what I have suggested and then give us a ring in our Cairns office on 1 800 994 620 if you would like to clarify anything else, if not we may give you a ring during the week and touch base with you to see if you need some more help or you would like us to tentatively hold two places for you.


You can tell by our live availability that some July Cape York tours are already fully booked so if you are keen to lock in a specific date then I suggest we at least hold something for you.


Lastly, on the financial side of things Pam, to confirm a booking a 20% deposit is required with the balance due 60 days prior to departure.


I hope this has helped Pam and do let us know if you would like to make a tentative booking to hold places for you.


Kind regards,

Andrew Gregory
Cape York Tour Specialist
Ph: (+61) 7 4051 1120
Freecall: 1800 994 620
Address: Shop 5 in the Traveltown Complex, 21-25 Lake Street, Cairns, Queensland, 4870



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