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Cape York Tours Crocodile Spotting

Blog posted by: Admin on 04 Jul 2015

This season has seen many crocodiles spotted in the wild both during daylight and at night when the tours are stopping in Lakefield National Park. If your Cape York tour from Cairns happens to camp overnight in the Lakefield National Park especially at the Hann River camp site then I'm sure you will both see and hear these crocodiles. The banks of the river are very steep so there is no need for you to be concerned that the crocs will venture up to the camp grounds however this is a place you must not go swimming. During the day you will see the crocs lazing on the side of the river as you pass through the area on your way from Cairns to Cape York. At night your tour guide will shine the torch in the river and you will see the "red eyes" looking right back at you. If your keen to experience this adventure on your Cairns to Cape York tours then look for the tour that over nights at Hann River in the Lakefield National Park or ask us on 1 800 994 620

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