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Fishing On A Cape York Tour

Blog posted by: Admin on 19 Nov 2014

If your into your fishing then this place is a great spot when you have a few hours of down time on your Cape York tour. The amount of different fish you can catch in Cape York is unbelievable. Black jewfish, All sorts of different trevallys 5 kilo plus, Big queenfish, spanish mackerel to broad barred mackerel, barracuda and more. One of the tour passengers even managed a coral trout and mangrove jack off the wharf there using the live herring thats sitting under the wharf in their thousands. Just watch the sharks as a big live bait wont last more than 10 minutes in this kind of water. If youve had enough of fishing go to the local pub and have an ice cold beer. The locals are really friendly and they are interested to hear about your Cape York tour , there are quite alot of the people are working there rather than traveling which makes for some interesting conversation and mixes it up a bit. 

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