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Six Seat 4WD Vehicle Tour To Cape York

Blog posted by: Admin on 22 Apr 2015

Some travellers doing a 4WD tour from Cairns to Cape York prefer small group numbers. If you think this may by your sort of Cape York tour and you would like to save $1,340 on your 4wd tours from Cairns to Cape York, then I would suggest you check out the tours that use a 6 seat 4WD making the journey a type of "Private Charter". Even better, as of today is the fact that a massive discount of $1,340 per couple is now available to fill up the last remaining seats on these particular tours. You will need to act fast as on average only 2 seats are left on the departures in June though to October and at this discounted prices these 4WD camping tours from Cairns to Cape York wont last long. You can see all the details of these tours Click here 

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